Reinventing the Wheel Mk2 April 2018

Gilbert White’s House Selborne
West End Centre Gallery 2018
WEC April 2018 concept
Poster Reinventing the Wheel Mk2
And so it starts again…

And so it starts again…

Work has started on our next exhibition …

Leaving the Mill video
Sitting With Jane Austen at Whitchurch Silk Mill
FFF has left the building…
Flora’s Fireside Chair

Flora’s Fireside Chair

Film-maker Ben Clayton gives the chair a test drive… Graham Snuggs Flora’s fire side chair Low boy arm chair 2016   Salvaged materials:  oak fire place from 1930s house renovation, roof timbers from the house of former Mayor of Grantham Alfred Roberts (father of Margaret Thatcher), construction ply, surgical angle iron from a replacement hip,…

Next Exhibition April 2018

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