Reinventing the Wheel Mk2  

Wednesday 4 April – Friday  27 April. Private View 4 April, 7-9pm
Admission Free
Fully Fashioned Findings returns to the WEC with another extraordinary and interactive exhibition of the found and fabricated. At the centre of ‘Reinventing the wheel Mk2’ is the marvellous machine that with visitors’ help, creates fantastic painted fabrics to be transformed week by week into one amazing suit of clothes. The more times you work the machine, the more frenetic the print becomes.

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West End Centre

Queens Road Aldershot

GU11 3JD  

WEC tel@ 01252 330040  for opening times

For more information contact Erica info@realgreendress.com


Artist Graham Snuggs BA , studied sculpture at Coleg Sir Gar University of Glamorgan specialising in kinetic sculpture and installation performance art. Further studies gained Snuggs a double distinction arboriculture. “I am the sum of my experiences. I am a sculptor who builds bespoke furniture from reclaimed wood and other salvaged materials, out of a monetary and a social conscience reasoning i.e.  I’m poor and I hate landfill”.

Erica Arnold left the world of national museums after 20 years as a senior conservator “to play in the messy corner”. She is the owner Real Green Dress vintage clothing company and a collector of interesting old textiles.




Past Exhibitions:

Reinventing the Wheel 2017

Graham Snuggs returns to his love of mechanical sculpture for this year’s round of exhibitions. Working with Erica Arnold an extraordinary installation will continue to make and create a work of art throughout its time on display.

Whitchurch Silk Mill 16th May – 25th June 2017
Every day except Mondays 10.30 – 5.00
Free entry via the mill Cafe
Whitchurch Silk Mill Website




How many exhibitions have you been to where the main exhibit creates itself?

Over the course of six weeks, Snuggs’ re-invention of the wheel will be the marvellous machinery that enables the creation of fantastic printed fabrics to be transformed week by week into one amazing dress.  The inspiration has come from Whitchurch Silk Mill’s own machinery and its history of creating fine silk and Rayon fabrics.

Alongside the machine and mannequin in action you will find antique and vintage printed dresses and textiles from the study collection of Real Green Dress.

The marvellous machinery will be fired up by a motion sensor; the more times you visit, the more frenetic the print becomes! Every week Erica will be in attendance on random days to reset the machinery and to build piece by piece, the final gown.


LightBox Woking 2016

FFF pop up exhibition

 An Extraordinary Exhibition of Found and Fabricated Fashion Furniture and Fine Art

Follow the trail of the life and work of the elusive Margarina Bavette as it threads its way through decades of design, materials and manufacture.

The touring exhibition content reflects the spirit of craftsmanship, ingenuity, material and place which the ‘findings’ evoke. With recycling and reuse evident throughout, the narrative follows extraordinary tales from the life of Margarina Bavette with extracts from her unpublished private memoirs.

The 2016 exhibition includes a unique collection of usable sculpture created from found materials by artist Graham Snuggs BA with vintage and antique clothing from the collections of Real Green Dress. Supported with additional works from Hormazd Narielwalla, Sam Freeman and audio by Rauf Jordan. 

Curated by Erica Arnold.




Hand made and sculpted furniture and lighting, crafted from ‘found’ materials by artist Graham Snuggs

Vintage and antique clothing and accessories from 1880 to 1980 from the study collection of Real Green Dress

Unique collages from Hormazd Narielwalla

Floral Couture from Sam Freeman at Rosadior

Audio recording and soundtrack from the Memoirs of Margarina Bavette



Graham Snuggs BA of Graham’s Findings

Erica Arnold of Real Green Dress

Hormazd Narielwalla 

Rauf Jordan (audio)  Numerical Blue

Sam Freeman at Rosadior 



Hormazd Narielwalla (1979) is a London-based artist who works in collage. Narielwalla uses bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns, and their antiquarian and contemporary trade counterparts, to create artworks exploring the body in abstract form.Narielwalla holds a PhD from University of Arts, London, and is the author of a biography of Master Tailor Michael Skinner, The Savile Row Cutter (Benefactum, 2011).

Contributor Sam Freeman is the owner of Rosadior Floral Couture “I have a fascination with the glorious floral images on old Victorian greetings cards and by the language and sentiment behind each flower and base a lot of my creations on these”.



Next Exhibition April 2018

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